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Curriculum Implementation Resources


LRI offers these resources to help teachers implement our Phonemic Awareness Curriculum in their classrooms. 

Hand Motions - In this helpful video, Alisa Van Hekken explains and demonstrates how the Hand Motions are intended to be used with the daily lessons.

Flashcards - to be used with the daily Letter Naming Activity.  These are formatted on letter size paper (8.5 x 11). They should be printed out on heavier stock paper and then cut in half, as each sheet contains two flashcards. 


Alphabet Charts


Other Implementation Resources


Literacy Resources, Inc.

Literacy Resources, Inc. (LRI) is committed to instilling a love of all aspects of literacy and life-long learning! Our goal is to provide educators with resources and knowledge regarding the importance of a solid literacy curriculum, appropriately scaffolded for student achievement and success.

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