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Description of Sessions

Increasing Students’ Phonemic Awareness Skills

Session Length:  2.5-3 hours

Training provided by Literacy Resources Consultant, Alisa Van Hekken

In this session, participants will learn the scope and sequence of these important scientifically-based reading research skills, and its alignment to the Common Core State Standards. The presentation is research-based and will focus on the published Phonemic Awareness curriculum written by Dr. Michael Heggerty.   Participants will observe model lessons and time will be provided for the participants to practice the lessons during the session.  The consultant will also provide ideas for intervention and ideas for monitoring students’ progress through phonemic awareness assessments and student writing. It is our goal that teachers will leave the training session ready to successfully implement the curriculum with their students the next school day.

Putting Phonemic Awareness into Practice

Session Length:  2 one-hour sessions, 6-12 weeks apart

Training provided by Literacy Resources Consultant, Alisa Van Hekken

This session is a follow-up for teachers after they have implemented Dr. Heggerty’s phonemic awareness curriculum in their classrooms.  It would include two separate 1-hour sessions in which teachers can ask questions about lesson implementation, and the consultant can clarify and answer questions through a conversation and lesson modeling.   Teachers will also discuss how to monitor student progress with phonemic awareness through student writing and assessments. The two sessions would be scheduled 6-12 weeks apart, and each session would be one-hour in length.   This training format works well with team meetings, staff meetings, or as an after school professional development opportunity.

Helping Students Decode:  Combining Phonics with Phonemic Awareness Skills

Session Length:  3 hours

Training provided by Literacy Resources Consultant, Alisa Van Hekken

In this session, participants will explore ways to weave phonics and word recognition skills to phonemic awareness skills. Participants will learn many effective ways to assist students in learning to master high-frequency words and helping students to decode single syllable and multi-syllabic words.  Throughout the training, teachers are given a structure for creating a successful 30-minute decoding block in their classroom, along with many activities for helping students apply what they are learning to reading and writing.  This session is applicable to primary and intermediate teachers. 

Suggested Resource to be purchased:   Phonics from A to Z and Teaching Phonics and Word Study in the Intermediate Grades by Wiley Blevins

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