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About Literacy Resources


About Us

Literacy Resources, Inc. (LRI) was formed in 2003 by Michael Heggerty, Ed.D. and his business partner, Tom Corless, in order to publish the original primary version of Phonemic Awareness: The Skills That They Need to Help Them Succeed!  In the ensuing years LRI published a kindergarten and a pre-kindergarten version in English, and Beginning Reader and Developing Reader versions in Spanish. 

In 2013, Alisa Van Hekken joined Literacy Resources, Inc. as the Director of Consulting Services.  LRI currently offers professional development training on the implementation of our Phonemic Awareness curricula, as well as the successful combining of the phonemic awareness curricula with a phonics program.  

The mission of Literacy Resources, Inc. is to provide elementary teachers, schools and districts with a cost-effective phonemic awareness curriculum to increase students’ literacy skills, while instilling a love of learning in those students. 


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