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About the Curriculum


About the Curriculum

All versions of our phonemic awareness curricula are based on the curriculum that Dr. Heggerty originally developed for his own classroom.  The daily lessons in all versions contain the same ten skills: Letter Naming, Rhyming, Onset Fluency, Blending, Identifying Final and/or Medial Sounds, Segmenting, Adding Phonemes, Deleting Phonemes, Substituting Phonemes, and Language Awareness.  

Each curriculum is intended to be completed with a whole class group. These lessons should only take between 12 and 15 minutes a day. Pacing is very important. It should be quickly paced and free of interruptions. Dr. Heggerty typically began the school day with Phonemic Awareness as it is a fun-filled lesson time with students’ experiencing feelings of success and, therefore, enjoyable for all of the students and the classroom teacher.

It has been our experience that students who are struggling can benefit from multiple, repeated exposures to these lessons. We recommend repeating daily lessons when students are seen by specialists in small group or one-on-one settings. In full day Kindergarten classrooms lessons may be presented once in the morning and once again in the afternoon. There is sufficient research which supports the premise that all students at all ages, regardless of abilities, can benefit from explicit instruction in phonemic awareness (See Shaywitz, 1999).

This should be a fun-filled time. If done correctly, students can learn to love our challenging English language and have greater success when navigating the unpredictable, complex alphabetic structure of language and print! ENJOY!

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